The ХIIth Russian Barista Marathon as part of WBC (World Barista Championship)
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The ХIIth Russian Barista Marathon as part of WBC (World Barista Championship)

On March 26 – 28, 2014, the ХIIth Russian Barista Marathon, one of the most high-profile events in the coffee world of Russia shall take place on the territory of design factory Flakon as qualification phase of WBC (World Barista Championship)

To try not only genuine, but a professionally brewed coffee shall be afforded at the Russian Barista Marathon as soon as this week! Only proficient and preeminent specialists from coffee business– people, who devoted their lives and professional work to advancement of coffee culture in Russia, shall be engaged in this event.

This annual event shall draw together under the same roof the representatives from all branches of coffee industry from coffee houses, manufacturers and distributors of coffee brewing equipment, green coffee suppliers to Russia, and ending up with other companies providing products for the coffee market.

Following the exacting standards of a traditional championship, competitors prepare four espresso, four cappuccino and four original signature drinks for judges. The ever-popular signature beverage allows baristas to stretch their imagination to incorporate a wealth of coffee knowledge into an expression of their individual tastes to unlock the strikingly new flavors of espresso in their own original recipes.

Certified Judges from Russia, as well as invited expertise from other countries (Judges of international standing) shall evaluate each performance of the participants of the championship. The Judicial team consists of a head judge, sensory judges and technical judges.

Among guests of honor to be hosted by the Russian Barista Marathon event there are such celebrities as - Pete Licata (USA), Champion of World Barista Championship 2013, who will do a presentation on How to Win the WCE Championship, John Gordon, Champion of UK Barista Championship, and many others.

A number of championships on different coffee disciplines shall be held under SCAE, such as: Latte Art, Cup Tasters, Brewers Cup, and Coffee in Good Spirits;

Latte Art – latte art expression skills competition, i.e. art of creating patterns on coffee while pouring fluffy whipped milk into espresso;

Cup Tasters – competition on proficiency to promptly pick out the whole host of coffee flavor notes;

Brewers Cup – competition on alternative methods of coffee brewing;

Coffee in Good Spirits – competition on the concoction of the shakes with coffee and alcohol beverages.

All participants of the championship are baristas who have been successfully tried out in the Qualifying competitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Bryansk and other Russian cities. The Champion of Russia title is equaled to a most prestigious annual achievement in a world of coffee, and provides a way to represent our country in the World Barista Championship, this time to be held in Rimini (Italy) and Melbourne (Australia). The anticipated number of participants: about 2000 people.

An exhibition enclosing booths with informational material and products of the companies representing all spheres of coffee industry shall be accommodated on the area within the framework of the RUSSIAN BARISTA MARATHON. The event program includes – championships on different coffee disciplines, showcase of various coffee industry companies products, master-classes, presentations, thematic workshops on coffee subjects, and taste testing of coffee beverages, which, no doubt, will excite interest in all coffee enthusiasts and professionals, as well!

The expected number of participants: about 2000 people, including mass media and Internet audience and over 50 Russian cities. In 2014, Russian Barista Championship shall once again make a platform for interchange of experience among baristas, build up business ties with the coffee world operators.

The AKSIOMA Independent Stage Company is preparing to provide energy and technical assistance for the ХIIth Russian Barista Marathon, a most high-profile event in the Russian world of coffee, to be a qualification phase for the WBC (World Barista Championship), which will be held on 26- 28 March 2014 on the territory of design factory Flakon.

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The ХIIth Russian Barista Marathon as part of WBC (World Barista Championship)