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Rent of collapsible tribunes. Folding tribunes.

Grandstand is a multi-level podium with seats. Layher grandstands are an integral part of a many entertainment events. That is why; the service for rental of spectator grandstands constitutes a key element of comfort for sporting events or shows.

The following types of grandstands are different shaped by their execution:

  • telescopic grandstand;
    Telescopic grandstand provide us with the best possibilities for efficient use of the available areas. Depending on the type of the event, telescopic grandstand can be driven out for the spectators comfort, or driven in to provide free space for training.
  • stationary grandstands;
    Bolted metal backing is usually employed as a profile for such grandstands.
  • mobile grandstands;
    Mobile sporting tribunes are equipped with wheels, thus providing for their mobility. Plastic seats, bench type seats are mounted. Small storage area.
  • dismountable grandstand;
    Dismountable grandstands represent the most economical variant of spectator tribunes. Key members of these mountable grandstands are assembled with the help of bolting. This type of grandstands, if necessary, can be dismantled and assembled on another sports ground.
  • transformable grandstand;
    Grandstand sections are to be lifted to a vertical position and folded. Folded tribunes with a depth not more than 0,8 m. Bench type seats, divided hard seats or divided semi -padded seats without back.
  • capital tribune of stadiums.
    They represent faced concrete or all-welded grandstand profile ("manifold"), which can be topped with various mounted supported blocks for armchair seats, plastic seats and other type of sporting seats.

Independent Stage Company "AKSIOMA" provides for rentals of Layher and Prolyte dismountable grandstands only. Sometimes in the industry of grandstand rentals, a scenic structure (which can be carpeted) representing a multi – tier podium, is also called a grandstand. Grandstand rental servicing can vary depending on the customer`s goals and tasks. This can be VIP- stand, grandstands, VIP- grandstands, and grandstands with plastic seats, grandstands with benches, grandstands with chairs, and grandstand without seats, roofed and open grandstands. We can build all kinds of grandstands – of any size and height.

Demountable grandstands for event-goers represent some type of an erector set including Layher and Prolyte standard elements, consequently depending on the demand they can be customized considering availability and need of mounting members for versatile stadium configurations (length, number of rows, seating capacity, number of ladders leading to upper levels). Maximum number of rows for demountable grandstands – up to 20.

Spectator’s grandstands can be afforded of any length along the frontal prospect. Independent Stage Company "AKSIOMA" designs canopies, and roofed truss structures for grandstands.

Easy to mount portable grandstands for stadiums are designed with bench type seating (of "economy" configuration with flexible number of seats), with individual one-piece plastic seats ( completed with "plastic seats", seats with or without back), with individual semi – padded seats (completed with "premium", a few options of upholstered backed armchairs ).

Standard spacing between two adjacent plastic armchairs axles amounts to 460 - 500 mm, the width of one would be seating place in the bench type spectators grandstand corresponds to 450 - 500 mm.

Provided that, there is a viewing obstruction in front of the sports grandstands (for example – hockey pitch box board) portable grandstands are executed in an elevated version, i.е. One row level is constructional elevated over the bottom level for 300 - 1000 mm (as required).

Layher and/or Prolyte are affected by the following factors:

  • number of spectators;
  • dimensions of the main stage;
  • dimensions of the free areas;
  • dimensions of the site intended for erection of the grandstands (to be fit within this site).

Possibility of evacuation of people from the grandstands and the stalls in case of emergency:

  • weather and climatic conditions;

Possibility of evacuation of people from the grandstands and the stalls in case of emergency:

  • convenient and comfortable;
  • reliable and rigid;
  • easy to assemble;
  • multifunctional;
  • safe (in compliance with all requirements).

Those are specific features of sports grandstands of Layher brand. Develop by Layher Event system is the most popular in the world. It is widely used for building prefabricated grandstands suitable for most versatile occasions, from municipal events to global level. Portable grandstands Layher can be used both outdoors (football games, Olympic Games, open air events, and etc.), and indoors (concerts, presentation and etc.)

Layher spectator’s grandstands are built of galvanized steel, as well galvanized aluminum wedge type couplings of German company Layher.

Layher elements have standardized sizing. Accordingly, stage structures consisting of those elements are based on the reference modular assembly size – 1.035 x 2.07 m; for metric sized elements, the respective reference modular assembly size is 1.0 x 2.0 m.

Grandstands can be used indoors, on outdoor sites, on the water or in the mountains. For that purpose, in-house team develops a 3D model of a quick assembly reinforced framework with seats, stairways, aisles and safety enclosures.

When assembled, Layher grandstands based on the customer`s technical assignment can accommodate the required number of spectators, and ensure safety and comfort.

Three options of seating accommodation:

  • without seats- in this case, people are accommodated directly on the multi-level podium (grandstand), as an option – can be decorated with carpet;
  • plastic seats;
  • Chairs or armchair that can be draped with fabric

Stairways can be internally or externally accommodated related to grandstands, and can be assembled over any terrain.

Event decks are used for flooring (with reinforced aluminum framework, and the decking surface of anti-slippage topped Bakelite plywood). Vertical standards of the framework are equipped with screw jacks for horizontal adjustment of grandstands.

Wedge-to-wedge coupling of all Layher grandstand members provides for solid and strong assembly, along with eliminating geometry distortions of the frame during its usage.

Multi-functionality of the grandstands implies that they can be accommodated for various events, deployed both on plane surfaces, and mountainous areas, including water surface installations.

Unquestionable advantage of stage equipment rental lies in that it requires minimum erection time without the need for specialized machinery usage.

It should be noted that grandstands renting is much more cheaper compared to purchasing of portable fast erecting grandstands, spectator grandstands with plastic seats for open-air platforms, as well as small stadiums, VIP-grandstands, stalls, VIP-stalls. Besides, 24-hour logistic service of LLC «Independent Stage Company «AKSIOMA» shall perform the delivery of stage equipment to any geographical location of Russia, including CIS & non-CIS countries, on time, and experienced trained skills shall ensure versatile stage structures installation and disassembling on any kind of site with due expertise and efficiency. That is why grandstand rentals are particularly requested by various event-agencies, and other customers.

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