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«Axiom» (Greek ἀξίωμα — postulation, statement) — statement which is accepted as being true without a proof and which further serves as a “foundation” of a proof development within the frameworks of a theory, discipline, etc.

Big Soviet Encyclopedia

Perception is the heart of cognitive theory which requires cognizing forms and their interrelation as a goal of scientific cognition which is conditioned by the combination of induction with deduction; the truth of cognition consists in the correspondence of statements with external circumstances. The main thing is the development of metascience and classification on the basis of «Axioms – proofs – structures». Information received from things may be brought to main forms or categories: 1) essence as in the sense of substance, 2) quantity, 3) quality, 4) relation, 5) place, 6) time, 7) manner, 8) suffering. The key point of the final conclusion consists in syllogism, «imposing defined» method of proving in accordance of which in some special sciences (e.g. geometry) all particular propositions follow from their obvious axioms.

Aristotle , 384-322 BC. e .

«Axiom» (Greek axíōma — honored, accepted statement, from axióō — I consider it worthy), a statement of a certain theory which during deductive formation of such theory is not proven in it, but is taken as an initial, starting statement which lies at the root of proof of other statements of the theory. One normally takes as an Axiom statements of theory at issue which are knowingly true or may be considered as true within such theory.

Big Soviet Encyclopedia

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Roof stages, grounds, stage assemblies

Rent of the scenic Prolyte ST complexes. Scenic complexes in rent.

Stage assemblies Prolyte ST with elevator tent roofs

Independent Stage Company "AKSIOMA" provides for stage assemblies Prolyte ST rentals. These are based on standard podium structures Prolyte StageDEX and elevator tent roofs on truss framework. Such Prolyte ST stage systems are very easy to assemble, and no special equipment is required.

The structure of the podium Prolyte Stage DEX consists of strong aluminum telescoping legs that are quickly adjusted by height and installed on the wooden plank floor by means of special clamping fixtures. During assembly of the podium, the plank floors are coupled by means of special fixtures and G-clamps to obtain the necessary rigidity and safety of the structure.

The elevator roof for the stage system consists of special aluminum trusses connected by means of a special device. After that, a tent is fitted onto the truss framework. The assembled roof is lifted to the preset height by means of electric winches.

ST roof hire, mainly based on standard truss structures, is available in seven sizes, thus, offering a lot of modifications considering customer wishes and availability of proper sized tent roofs.

Stage 14x10 m, 16x12 m, 16х14 m, 18x14 m, 20х14 m, 20x20 m, 20х30 m with heavy duty elevator gable Prolyte ST roof.

Stage assemblies Prolyte ST are heavier than the Prolyte MPT units, and at the same time, they are capable of carrying a heavy duty distributed load: the roof is designed for suspension of lighting and other systems up to 14,000 kg.

This is achieved by means of S52SV trusses to be used as main beams & gable structure member, along with six S40Т supporting posts system.

The gable roof with triangle fronton is equipped with a front overhang to protect the stage from rain and sun; there are sides and rear walls made of translucent net ("cabinet-type configuration", "black-cabinet").

It is possible to complete any stage with a roof for hire including various size sound portals, wall for suspension of screens, sets consisting of both Layher elements, and Prolyte trusses Layher, The indisputable advantage of this stage equipment for hire is that installation takes minimum time, and no special equipment is required.

Main structure of any PROLYTE ST roof:

  • Tower–ST masts system, S40T truss;
  • Grid – C52SV.

It should be noted that Prolyte ST stage assemblies rentals are much more cheaper compared to purchasing of ST roof stage. Besides, twenty-four hour logistics service of LLC "Independent Stage Company "AKSIOMA" shall timely deliver stage equipment into any location of Russia, CIS and non-CIS-countries, and experienced trained skills shall ensure technically true and effective installation and dismounting of any stage structures of any type of the ground. That is why Prolyte ST stage assemblies rental are specifically requested by various event-agencies, and other customers.

Maximum wind load 28, 4 m/s.

Total weight of Prolyte ST stage structure is about 7500 kg.

The roof is raised by electric winches, lifting height from the ground – up to 13 m.

For demonstration video of an ST type roof installation refer here

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