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Rent of a ladder and ladder march. Hire of ladder flights and ladder.

LLC "Independent Stage Company "AKSIOMA" provides Prolyte stairs and Layher stairways rentals. Stairs and stairways are convenient quick assembly steel structures that are normally designed for easy ascending to various heights.

There are three types of stairs and stairways as to their execution options for stage equipment hires:

  • multi-functional equipment Layher;
  • system Stage DEX by Prolyte;
  • stairway framework - a complete service stairway made of steel framework with wood-covered steps.

Stairs and stairways are used for the following applications:

  • viewing platforms;
  • access areas to frame and wedge scaffolding;
  • stair towers for performance of elevated work;
  • gangways;
  • additional multi-level fire exits.

Layher stairway steps are assembled into modular systems. These blocks have a certain lifting angle which roughly equals to 40 degrees. The step width is 2 meters, depth is 38 cm. The height between the steps approximately 20 cm. vertically the number of steps in a block amounts to 8. Horizontally the block of steps can be attached to the same kind of block, getting as a result two rows wide ladder of 4, 6, 8 or any other oddly even width. Such blocks are convenient to arrange descent and ascent for high Layher podiums, along with assembly of a non-standard ladder bridge designs for raised landscapes.

All range of configurations for ladders and stairways available nowadays for hire with Layher, global German manufacturer of stage equipment, as follows.

Layher access ladders and access decks

It is low-cost alternative for upward and downward access in scaffolding. Assess scaffold decks being work decks, bracing element, and access inside the scaffolding, allowing material to be transported to a limited extent.

Depending on requirements and conditions of use, you can select for hire Layher access decks in steel or aluminum or in aluminum – plywood combination. The ladders are also available for hire as follows: removable (in steel), or already integrated into the deck (in aluminum), the integrated ladders being an integral part of decking, and favoring faster construction.

For work on the access deck, the ladder is removed, by folding or integrating with deck. A hatch closes off the access opening.

Maximum construction height: 80 m.

Modular Layher stairs

With the Layher modular stairs, you can provide for any access possibly.

With the help of individual universal modular stairs of Layher, the whole integral system can be constructed. Any intermediate dimensions can be integrated in separate stairways, of a bigger or smaller size. The stair rise is only 20 cm, while at the bottom the stair foot element with a spindle is used for precise leveling of tower.

Height differences vary up to 1.5 m. Load bearing capacity of stairway 3.0 kN/m², individual weights of stairway parts - less than 11 kg.

Modular design allows for a wide variety of stairways for hire. Minimum space is needed for materials transport and assembly, long service life.

Layher stairs and Layher stairways with platform

With the platform stairs, it is easy to construct a 4- standard stair tower, which can be used for stairs hire along with scaffolds, or free standing and anchored on the building. Both parallel and opposite stairways are possible.

There is no hindrance to work on the scaffolding with this version. Load bearing capacity of stairway: 2 kN/m².

Layher ladders for Allround

Max. construction height: 40 m, depending on static calculations.

Layher Stair Tower 200, 12 Standards

In Stair Tower 200, 12 standards, the stairs are made up of individual U-type stringers and standard decks as steps.

On the one hand this makes the weight/volume of the individual parts lower, the proportions of standard material higher, and the additional costs lower, and on the other hand permits even more variants in the stairway width. Besides, various options for decks width are available for rentals.

Stairway stringer, 10 steps:

  • Stairs dimensions: rise 20 cm; depth 24 cm; overlap 8 cm;
  • Load capacity: 2 kN/m2;
  • With a width of 1.09 m;
  • Max. Construction height: 78 m;
  • 10 decks per tower.

Layher Allround Stairway tower 500, 16 standards

For height adjustment outside the 2 m standard dimension in 500 stairway tower.

Intermediate dimensions are possible in 20 cm standard steps due to coupling of individual short members..

As in the stairway tower 500, individual stringers with standard decks are designed for the needed stairway width of the tower. Precise to the ground is achieved with adjustable leveling jacks and stairway guardrails provide for the necessary safety during upward movement, as well as prevent removal of the steps..

Load bearing capacity: 5.0 kN/m². Stairs dimensions as main tower structure.

Allround Stairway tower 750, 16 standards

Layher Allround stairway tower 750 equipped with the increase safety railings is used for stairway tower hire mainly in the pleases of mass public events. They are featured by a higher bearing load on U-type stringers of a stair, and decreased step rise height.

U-type stringers profile of stair 750, 8 steps:

  • Load bearing capacity: 7.5 kN/m2 with the stair width of 2.07 m.
  • Stair dimensions: rise 16.6 cm; step depth 31.5 cm; gap 0.5 cm.
  • In compliance with the local requirements, the stairs width can be less than 2.07 m.
  • More accuracy by external side 2.0 m and 1.5 m of standards can be used when using 5 – step stairway stringer (1.0 m height).
  • It is also possible to combine inside the tower stringers of 500 and 750 types. 8 decks per tower.

Module stairway tower 500

For height adjustment of module stairway tower 500 externally 2 m standards are used. Intermediate dimensions are possible in 20 cm standard steps. In module stairway tower 500, individual stair profiles with standard decks are designed considering the tower stability.

Precise setting to the ground is achieved with adjustable leveling jacks, and stairway guardrails provides the necessary safety, on the one hand, by preventing removal of the steps and, on the other hand, by as a child safety feature.

Load bearing capacity of stairway tower 500: 5 kN/м².

Layher ladders and rolling towers

High quality – economic without compromise. These are main features of Layher ladders and rolling towers. Optimal solution for all working height at any place. Layher ladders and rolling towers meet the latest safety norms requirements, which mean the highest safety level for you.

It should be noted that stage equipment rentals main advantage is that installation takes minimum time, and no special equipment is required.

It should be noted that stairs and stairways are much cheaper compared to purchasing of stairways. Besides, twenty-four hour logistics service of LLC "Independent Stage Company "AKSIOMA" shall timely deliver stage equipment into any location of Russia, CIS and non-CIS-countries, and experienced trained skills shall ensure technically true and effective installation and dismounting of any stage structures of any type of the ground. That is why the stage stairs rentals are specifically requested by various event-agencies, and other customers, though stairs for hire is not a basic requirement for ordering and specifications.

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